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Symphony ERP and Accounting Integration

Leading meat-industry solutions for complete visibility and control over all food processing operations.

Symphony Meat Processing ERP and Accounting Integration: Key Features

At a time when ERP systems are becoming essential for meat and poultry processing businesses, Symphony has streamlined the approach to ERP and Accounting System integration. ERP systems are great at managing operations, and Symphony has mastered bridging the gap between the ERP system and plant floor production. 
Key Features:  

  • Prevent double entry across meat processing systems 
  • Send production orders to the plant-floor and receive production data back into the ERP
  • Integrate with some of the most ERP and Accounting Systems available
  • Tailored integration approach to allow integration at any point throughout the process

What Does Symphony’s Meat ERP and Accounting Integration Do?

The food processing industry is diverse, and every plant floor is different. Therefore, to meet the different needs in the food industry, Symphony was built with a modular design to cover as large or small of a footprint as required. Integrating with Symphony allows a plant’s ERP system to focus on what it does best while allowing Symphony to handle the plant floor. This might include kill floor tracking and batch tracking, product weighing, labeling, or order picking and shipping. No matter where the integration point is, Symphony was built for the plant floor. What does this look like across various types of meat processing facilities? 

Primary Processing Facilities:

Symphony MES is located on the plant floor in some of the largest meat and poultry processing plants in the U.S. and Canada. Symphony’s Kill Floor Solution integrates with multiple plant data collection components to track carcasses throughout the kill floor. These can include trolley identification systems (Trolley Vision®), fat probes, RFID Technology, and High Accuracy Monorail Systems. Symphony MES provides full carcass tracking and carcass yield data collection throughout the entire kill process. Production data is collected and reported back into the host ERP system.

Secondary Processing Facilities:

Piece or Raw Product Weighing and Labeling: Symphony MES  Plant Floor Solution integrates together carton and combo scales along with printers, scanners, and industrial touch screen PCs. Symphony MES can receive production orders from the ERP. Products are then weighed and labeled with serialized GS1 labels. Symphony links serialized products back to their original batch or lot numbers. Production data is then sent back to the host ERP system.

Finished Goods Weighing and Labeling: Whether finished goods are weighed and labeled in-motion on a conveyor or manually, Symphony MES can fill production orders from the ERP or produce directly to inventory. Symphony’s plant floor solution communicates directly to scales (both static and conveyor scales), printers (automated print and apply systems or industrial label printers), scanners (fixed in-line scanners or handheld scanners), and touch screen industrial PCs. Finished goods production data is sent back to the host ERP system through Symphony MES.

Accounting System Integration:

Symphony’s Accounting System Integration removes any disconnect between the accounting and the manufacturing parts of the business. With “out-of-the-box” integrations to many standard accounting solutions, Symphony makes integration simple. For most Symphony Accounting Integrations, sales orders are created in Symphony. Once an order is ready to be picked, the information from that order is sent to the mobile handhelds on the warehouse floor. After an order is picked and shipped, order invoice information is then sent automatically into the accounting system for processing. 

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